Coming this summer: Google Apps!
Email, Calendar and Documents for UMS
June 4, 2009

Google Apps, Google’s world-renowned web-based email, calendar, and documents software, will begin hosting University of Maine System student email accounts this summer. Some other accounts will also be moved to Google Apps, but current faculty and staff email accounts will not be affected.

What does this mean for you?

You can store up to 150 times more information—7GB in Google Apps, compared to 50MB on the current email system.

Create and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and calendars.  You can communicate via instant messaging with text, audio, and video.

All email data is owned by UMS and its students—not Google.  Google is simply a service provider.  These and other concerns have been addressed by an educational agreement contract developed and executed by legal counsel for UMS and Google.

Google blocks any files it considers a possible danger.  This includes executables, even if they are in a zip file.

Our educational agreement prohibits Google from placing ads in the email or on the screens where you view your mail, calendar, and documents.

Your UMS email address will not change, and you will continue to log into your mail with your UMS Username and password.  Any email forwards you have set will not be affected, nor will your access to MaineStreet.


To learn more, including how to get started, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.



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