Using Thunderbird for Google Mail
Information Technology Services
As part of our migration to Google for email ITS is providing configuration instructions for previously supported mail clients.  ITS strongly recommends users make use of the web-based interface provided by Google rather than any client in order to take advantage of features specific to Google Mail.
ITS recommends the use of Mozilla Thunderbird as an email client.  Thunderbird is a free software mail client that can be downloaded from Mozilla.  Versions for Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, and Linux are available.
This guide will walk though the installation and setup of Thunderbird as your mail client. Please note this guide is for Students and Faculty using Google Apps on for their email.
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Installing Thunderbird
The latest version of Mozilla Thunderbird can be downloaded at
Once downloaded, run and follow the on-screen instructions to install the application.
Upon opening Thunderbird for the first time you will be presented with an Account Setup Wizard.

Here, select Email account and click Next.
On the next screen you will be asked to provide your name and email address.  This name will be presented when people receive email from you, so you should your proper name.
For your email address, you should enter your UMS username, followed by  For example:
After clicking Next again, you will be asked to select the type of mail account you wish to configure.  For more information on the difference between IMAP and POP account see Mail Client Protocols.
ITS recommends the use of IMAP.  The sever addresses are:
Incoming Server =
Outgoing Server =
The next screen will ask you for your username.  This will be your UMS username.
After filling out your username, you will be asked to provide a description for this mail account.  You can enter whatever value you like here as it will be for your convenience only.
The last screen will allow you to review your settings.  Check to make sure everything is accurate, then click Finish.
After clicking Finish you will see your mail client.  If you are prompted to provide a password skip that step for now. It will try to check for mail. Wait for it to fail, then continue on below.
Because the Account Wizard does not ask you if you wish to enable SSL, we also need to enable that before you can use your mail account.
To access Account Settings, click on the Tools menu as shown below, then click Account Settings.
The Account Settings window will appear. Click Server Settings from the left, then select SSL under Security Settings, and make sure the Port above it changes to 993.
Next, select Outgoing Server (SMTP) from the left.
Here, highlight and click Edit.

The SMTP Server window will appear.  Here, select TLS under Use secure connection, then change the port number to 587.
Finally, click OK.

Click OK again, and you will return to your email client.  Thunderbird is now ready to use.
Questions? Email us at for assistance.
Last updated: 2009-08-11