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UMS Account/Username changes

Note: The username change operation is NOT REVERSIBLE! Consider your username change very carefully. There may be a number of side effects to changing your username, many of which are described below.

Access to MaineStreet, "Campus Solutions" portal and other "PeopleSoft" applications should be possible using the new account shortly after the rename operation successfully completes.

E-mail addressed to your previous e-mail address will only be forwarded for a limited time (currently six months); thereafter, e-mail addressed to your old email address will not be delivered.

However, other systems which use UMS accounts for authentication may not recognize your new UMS username.

Client programs will need to be reconfigured if your username is "stored" within them, so profiles and settings for email, modem access, and other facilities may need to be altered or re-entered, depending upon the client.

Recently, a process has been developed for supporting account renaming within the UMS Blackboard system, which allows for most content and information associated with the account (such as grades) to be carried forward. This process may require 1-4 hours to complete, so users should be prepared to wait to use their renamed Blackboard accounts after an account is renamed.

Proceed to the UMS user account username change tool to rename your account
Return to the UMS Accounts Main Menu

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